๐Ÿง€ Your Cheese Choices Will Reveal What State You’re from

Which cheesy state will we find you in?

You may not think that your choice of cheese says much about you, but it does reveal some things about you you may not expect. The kind of cheeses and cheesy foods you love the most will reflect your personality. Read on to find out whether our reading of you is right.

If you're a cheddar fan, you seem to be down to earth and appreciate the classics. Mozzarella cheese lovers tend to be easygoing and live life to the fullest. If you enjoy having brie the most, you are thankful for the comfort you're surrounded by and you enjoy pampering yourself when you can.

In this quiz, we will present you with some seriously cheesy dishes. These dishes are overflowing with cheesy goodness, so better get ready for the visual feast you're in for. Amidst the cheese galore, you need to concentrate on picking out one dish that you enjoy more than the others. Based on your picks, we can tell which state you're actually from.

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