Can You Get Through Culinary School Without Getting Yelled at by Gordon Ramsay?

Will your cooking skills impress or disappoint?

Gordon Ramsay made waves on television through his curt way of speaking to contestants on the popular cooking shows "Hell's Kitchen" and "MasterChef". Although he's blunt, he does have the skills to back it up. Restaurant Gordon Ramsay, his first establishment, was awarded 3 Michelin stars. Following that, he grew his culinary empire all over the world with restaurants, television shows, books and more.

His expertise is undeniable, which makes learning under him a daunting but fulfilling task that not many people get to experience. But we're bringing you a small glimpse into that dream!

In this quiz, put yourself in the shoes of a culinary school student under Chef Ramsay. Here your skills and knowledge as an aspiring chef will be put to the test. Are you just a better version of an amateur home cook or can you prove yourself to be a masterchef?

Answer these cooking-related questions and try to pass the quiz. If not, you're going to chewed out by Chef Ramsay himself; don't be an idiot sandwich!

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Can You Get Through Culinary School Without Getting Yel… Quiz Questions

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