🥩 Cook a Steak for Gordon Ramsay and He’ll Tell You If He’s Impressed!

Will you impress him or will he call you a donkey?

Rare, medium or well-done? A steak is versatile, as it appeals to different people's tastes. You can pick out the cut you like, the sauce, and what goes with it on the side.

Here's how celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay cooks the perfect, juicy steak. It requires just 6 to 7 ingredients, which includes beef tenderloin, butter, garlic, olive oil, salt, pepper, and thyme, only if you want it. First let the pan heat up while seasoning the steak on both sides in a dish. Then add a splash of oil to the pan, followed by the steak. Remember to flip the steak 30 seconds into cooking it, flipping it every minute thereafter for even heat distribution. Add the butter, garlic, and thyme during this process. Use the butter to baste the steak until it's ready and then let it rest, and it's done!

How would YOU cook your meat? Show Gordon your favorite method for preparing a steak and he'll let you know what he thinks of it. Try to impress him!

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