๐Ÿ”ฅ Make the Best Burger You Can and We’ll Reveal How Gordon Ramsay Would Insult It

Can you take the heat?

Over the years we've come to knowโ€”and loveโ€”Gordon Ramsay for his short temper and expletive-ridden insults on cooking shows like Hell's Kitchen, MasterChef, and Kitchen Nightmares. While on air, the foul-mouthed celebrity chef comes up with some real zingers, typically to critique the food he's eating ("crap" is a favorite term) but sometimes to drive home his befuddlement at how inept some chefs and restaurateurs really are. It's awful when you are at the wrong end of his over-the-top outbursts, but the audience just love it.

How would you fare if you were a budding chef on one of his cooking shows? Can you survive one of his famous angry freak-outs? Will you be able to swallow your pride if his searing insults were directed at you? Pretend to make the most impressive, delicious burger you can, and let's see what the Chef thinks of it.

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Food Quiz ๐Ÿ”ฅ! How Would Gordon Ramsay Insult Your Burger? Questions

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