What Cooking Show Would You Actually Do Well On?

It's time to showcase your cooking prowess to the world.

If you're a fan of TV shows that depict people battling it out through cooking, you may actually consider joining as a contestant. If you are interested to audition, you should know what actually goes on during the auditioning process.

The winner of MasterChef season 6, Claudia, was open about how she only decided to audition for the show on the day itself, running to get her ingredients mere hours before she was due to appear. She had 3 minutes to plate her dish, with the components being cooked earlier and packed strategically. She was then taken to a room with 20 other hopefuls and had her dish sampled by experts, with follow-up questions. There was more after this preliminary round, but a show can't give away all its secrets!

Tell us about your love for the culinary arts, your cooking habits, and the kind of dishes you'd make to find out which cooking show you'd be perfect for. Once you get your result, go on to audition for the next season right away, because you'd be a perfect fit!

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