Do You Actually Store Your Sauces and Condiments in the Right Places?

Where should ketchup be kept?

Everyone wants to extend the life of any food they buy as much as possible, just to make every dollar worth it. However, it may get confusing when deciding where to store different items. Putting them in the wrong place may actually shorten their lifespan.

Putting food in a refrigerator may seem a no-brainer. However, did you know that the different parts of the fridge are ideal for storing certain foods? For example, the upper part of the fridge is where food that requires no cooking to consume should be placed. This includes cheeses, drinks, and deli meat. As for the lower portion, this is where raw ingredients should be stored as it is the coldest part. The warmest part is the door, so well-preserved foods like ketchup, pickles, and mustard should be placed here.

For this quiz, see if you can figure out where these popular sauces and condiments should be kept. Find out if you have been doing it right through this test.

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Do You Store Your Sauces & Condiments in Right Places? Quiz Questions

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