If You’ve Tried at Least 18/35 of These Condiments and Sauces, You’re a Real Foodie

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The world of condiments reaches far beyond ketchup , and even much further than your mustards and hot sauces. It's a vast and varied terrain of flavor-boosters, from sinus-clearing wasabi to cooling mint sauce.

What defines a condiment is simply that it imparts flavor onto another food -- it could be a dip, sauce or a paste. Whether they're sweet, sour, salty, spicy, or umami, condiments and other scrumptious accompaniments deserve kudos for enlivening entrées and sides alike. Whatever it is, a condiment isn't usually eaten by itself. But it always makes our meals complete.

Condiments don't always get the credit they deserve for adding flavor to a meal, so in honor of them, this is a quiz specially dedicated to the world's most delicious condiments. Here are 35 condiments from around the globe, starting with the basic ketchup and mustard, to chutneys and teriyaki sauce. If you have tried more than half of them, then congratulations, you are a true foodie.

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