Plan a Trip to London and We’ll Give You a British Delicacy to Try

Are you ready to visit London?

Plan Trip to London & I'll Give You British Delicacy to… Quiz

With its famous landmarks, diverse shopping spots, and rich history, London is on the travel list for many tourists. Some people feel like they want to do more than visit the regular attractions. So what other things can you do in London?

You can enjoy a stunning view of the city without paying too much for it. Tourists usually pay more to go up to the viewing deck of the Shard for a look at the splendid skyline. But you can order a drink and enjoy similar views from one of the bars, or even the toilet. If you're looking for an Instagram-friendly hotspot, Columbia Road Flower Market is the place to be. The colors of the various flowers will do your feed wonders!

Tell us what you would do on a trip to London in this quiz. Your itinerary will help us suggest a British delicacy you should try on your next vacation there!

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Plan Trip to London & I'll Give You British Delicacy to… Quiz Questions