Post Some Pictures on Social Media and We’ll Guess How Popular You Are

Are your friends secretly hating your posts or are they loving it?

Can you cross your heart and say that you're not obsessed with social media? If you can, you're part of an elite minority who hasn't shared multiple aspects of their life to a huge audience. In the last few years, social media has exploded in growth, with 3.3 million Facebook status updates, 350,000 Twitter tweets and 65,000 Instagram photos posted every minute! A huge part of this is uploading pictures that represent a part of your life. Undeniably, getting likes for such posts can be a big draw to using these internet platforms, but how do you get the most thumbs up?

Apparently, lighter-colored images get 24% more likes than darker ones. Close-ups tend to get fewer likes than ones that show the background. This explains why an image of one's travels might get more likes than a duck face selfie.

Imagine choosing your best photos to post on your various social media platforms in this fun quiz! What sort of photos would your friends and followers see? Based on your uploads, we can guess how popular you are in life!

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