Are You an Older or Younger Person? 🥨 Choose Some Snacks and We’ll Guess

This quiz might be a little bit psychic.

You are what you snack. From salty and crisp potato chips to pretzels and pizzas, the snacks you choose to nosh will speak volumes about your personality.

Health-conscious people tend to reject all the fried stuff and instead go for the healthiest bites available like mixed nuts and kale chips. The social butterfly goes for snacks that are well-loved by practically everyone such as frozen pizza, fish fingers and chicken popcorn. The traditionalist is usually slower to accept unusual snacks that are out of the ordinary, and will instead stick to conventional ones like potato chips and crackers.

Snack foods can reveal not just a person's basic characteristics, but also the phase of life he or she is currently in. Are you an old soul or not yet a grown-up? We can tell just by the munchies that you typically go for! (Disclaimer: This snack quiz has no scientific backing whatsoever. It’s simply all in the name of good fun!)

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