Sorry, But If You Weren’t Born After 1994 You’re Going to Fail This Quiz

Sorry Millennials, this one's for the Gen Z'ers.

Millennials and post-Millennials get a lot of flak for some of the trends they follow or things they say. However, this is just a generational thing, with each era having its unique set of unsaid rules and fads. Many people belonging to the older generations just can't relate to the current one.

When someone says "Soulja Boy", he isn't just saying "soldier" with a slang. It's common for this generation's youths to start singing "Crank Dat". In the same way, if someone yelled "are you ready, kids?", a Gen Z'er would follow it up with an "aye aye captain", confusing the adults around him. He also probably grew up with different kinds of Mario games and isn't ashamed of it. If there's one thing many iGenerationers are divided on, it's their love or hatred for The Jonas Brothers.

Heads up, if you are not born after 1994, this quiz will baffle you. Otherwise, use your Gen Z knowledge to your advantage and ace this quiz!

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