🍳 If You’ve Eaten 20/29 of These Foods, You’re Definitely Obsessed With Eggs

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Eggs are a great source of nutrition, easy to cook, and an extremely versatile ingredient. They help us start our days off right as part of a balanced breakfast and give our baked goods moisture and structure. Eggs are delicious fried, poached, baked, or scrambled, of course, but that's just the start. They can be the star ingredient of tasty sandwiches, quiches, omelettes, pastries, frittatas, and more. Eggs are also inexpensive, full of nutrients, and a lifesaver at dinner when you need to throw a quick meal together.

Despite containing cholesterol, eggs contain high density level (HDL) or "good" cholesterol that can lower the risk of heart disease in healthy people. At just 78 calories each, eggs are an efficient, rich source of protein, vitamins, and other nutrients. There really isn't a more useful ingredient to always have on hand in the refrigerator than eggs!

This quiz features dishes where eggs are a main ingredient. From carbonara and deviled eggs to shakshuka and tea eggs, how many have you tried?

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