Only a Person Older Than 30 Will Have Tried at Least 12/23 of These Foods

Either you are or you aren't.

Food Quiz ️! Only 30+ Will Have Tried 12 Of These Foods!

Many things in life are a matter of taste. But did you know that taste changes over time? Because as we age, our palates mature with us and become attuned to certain tastes.

The good news is this means that as we grow older, we also start to develop an appreciation for a wider range of foods. 21 is the average age we start to enjoy mussels, while a bowl of olives may be a treat we start to crave at the ripe old age of 25.

And it's not just food. Our taste for the subtle flavors in wine also becomes more complex. You may have shied away from it before, but as you age, you may finally appreciate a glass of German Riesling. Our ability to appreciate a firm, savory Bordeaux with Sunday brunch indicates we are losing our sense of bitterness.

For now, let's see how mature your palate really is. If you have tried most of the foods and drinks in this quiz, then it's likely you are above the age of 30.

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