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๐ŸŒ Sorry, You Can Eat Fruit Only If You Pass This Tricky Quiz

Can you pass this berry hard quiz?
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We grow up being taught the importance of including fruit in our diets. Nature's own convenience food has endless tasty and eye-catching varieties. However, most of us are exposed only to common ones like apples, bananas, and oranges. We should expand our horizons and try certain exotic fruits, even just once in our lives.

Durian has become infamous for its distinct pungent smell. But, if you manage to get past the off-putting smell of this Southeast Asian fruit, you will enjoy the nutritious flesh protected by the prickly exterior. You should also try miracle fruit. Just like its name, the fruit can help create significant changes in the way we taste food. If you mix the fruit with a sour juice of lemon or lime, the drink would taste sweet, after the magical fruit manipulates your taste buds!

Are you intrigued? Take this test about fruits and pass it to continue being able to enjoy them. If you fail, you are not allowed to have your favorite fruits again, let alone try these unique ones.

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