๐Ÿ‘— Design Your Prom Outfit and We’ll Guess Your Age and Height

This will be a night to remember.

Prom night is sort of a snapshot encapsulation of a girl's high school career, as well as one of the first major steps toward adulthood. Many of us remember our proms years later, showing pictures to our husbands and daughters and reminiscing about prom night at our high school reunions. If you're preparing for prom, here are some tips that would help make it an easier process.

Think outside the box when shopping for prom dresses. The prom market is highly lucrative and many shops place dresses in the "prom collection" just to draw in customers. You may find a similar dress in another part of the store at a much lower price. Also, consider vintage and second-hand shops. When choosing prom shoes, keep in mind the balance between form and function. Go for comfortable shoes that are able to stand up to heavy use, while complementing the prom dress perfectly.

It's time to design the prom outfit of your dreams. Based on what you pick out for the special night, we can guess your age and your height!

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