How Petty Are You?

Feel free to be petty when answering these questions.

All of us have our moments when we feel like we are king or queen of the world and we act a bit petty sometimes. This is especially so when we feel wronged. Why do humans resort to such measures?

When placed in certain situations, most of us do not like to feel vulnerable and bare our souls. So, we mask our real emotions with defiance and being rude in the process. We sometimes end up damaging a relationship in order to get our way, rather than be honest with the other party. But we shouldn't be petty, because we may lose valuable friendships along the way. Instead, we should initiate an adult conversation with the people involved and express truthfully how we feel.

In this quiz, find out exactly how petty you are. Pick the closest reaction you would do in the following scenarios, and you'll know exactly how much pettiness you possess.

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How Petty Are You? Quiz Questions

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