๐Ÿ“ฑ Can We Guess Your Age Based on the Way You Reply to These Texts?

Do you text like a teenager?

The way you interact with technology and use modern communication tools reveals certain things about you, your personality, and the time period you grew up in. Younger generations like the millennials and gen-Zers have an advantage over older folks in terms of benefiting from technology as they spent much of their childhood growing up with it. Older generations, on the other hand, often have to pick up on and learn new technological advancements in their later years which can be rather challenging. This leads to a drastic difference when it comes to how each demographic uses modern tools like text messaging and social networks.

Your age will determine how you respond to certain text messages. Reply to the text messages contained within this quiz and we'll tell you what age we believe you to be. Do you text like a teenager or an older soul? Pretend you received these text messages from a friend, then choose the response you are most likely to give, and we'll know the truth about you.

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Can We Guess Your Age by the Way You Reply to Texts? Quiz Questions

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