Can We Guess Your Age Based on This List of Tasks?

Can you do these grown-up things?

As we grow and reach the different stages in life, we acquire various sets of skills and hopefully become less dependent on the people around us. There are some tasks that every adult should be able to do.

Learning to cook simple meals is always a useful skill to have. Being self-sufficient enough to feed yourself without indulging in unhealthy, processed food is important for your well-being. You should also know how to stick to a budget. Being financially responsible and savvy early on in your life will help sustain your finance and this pays off in your later years. Many of us enjoy traveling with our loved ones, but are you able to travel solo? Knowing where to go, how to read a map, and meeting new people all on your own helps you discover yourself and create unforgettable memories.

Let's see how many of these adult tasks you know. Tell us how well you can do the following things and we'll guess how old you are.

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Can We Guess Your Age Based on This List of Tasks? Quiz Questions

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