Can We Guess Your Age and Gender Based on Your Chick-fil-A Order?

My pleasure!

Are you a Chick-fil-A fan? The restaurant specializes in chicken sandwiches since its inception in May of 1946. There are more than two thousand outlets, with most of them in the US. Not only does the popular fast food restaurant serve lunch and dinner, it also offers specialized breakfast items and promotional items during festive seasons. Did you know that unlike most fast food establishments, every Chick-fil-A outlet is closed on Sundays? That's due to the founder's belief that everyone needs a day to recuperate after experiencing the work put in during the eatery's 24/7 operating hours.

Here's your chance to revisit your favorite items or to try something new! Order whatever you want from each category on the Chick-fil-A menu and we'll guess your age and gender accurately.

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Can I Guess Your Age & Gender by Your Chick-fil-A Order? Quiz Questions

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