Build a 🍔 Fast Food Value Meal and We’ll Guess the 🎂 Month You Were Born

I bet we can get this right!

Fast food value meals are meals offered by fast food restaurants that typically include a main entree, side dish, and a drink for a discounted price. These meals are generally advertised as being a better value than ordering their components separately. Common fast food value meals include McDonald's Big Mac Meal, Burger King's Whopper Meal, and Taco Bell's Crunch Wrap Supreme Meal.

We can actually determine what month you were born based on the fast food meal you build on this quiz. There are little clues about your personality that are dropped when you create a meal. These clues let us know around what time of year you were born down to the correct month. Many ancient civilizations from the past have been able to do the same. Not only would you get to put together your own personalized fast food value meal, you can also choose the drink, create your own salad, decide if you will supersize the meal, add a dessert, and more! Try out this fun quiz and see if we can get your birth month right.

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