🍽 Eat a Fancy Meal and We’ll Guess If You’re an Introvert or Extrovert

The stomach is the window to the soul.

Eating out at a fancy restaurant can be a great experience. However it can also put a a strain on the purse strings. Thankfully, with some effort, you can make some fine-dining dishes right in the comfort of your home!

To make gourmet risotto yourself, you need to pay it plenty of attention. The Arborio rice needs to be cooked perfectly al dente and the overall dish should be creamy and not thick. If you would like to cook a steak, be sure to make your own marinade or rub of your choice!

In this quiz, sit back and prepare yourself for a buffet of fancy food you may never even have heard of. You get to pick one dish from each category to cater to your finer tastes. Your choice of this high-end multi-course meal will help us guess what your personality type is - introvert, extrovert, or something else!


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