🍬 Eat Your Way Through a Retro Candy Shop and We’ll Guess Your Birthday

What vintage sweets would you bring back?

There are tons of candies that have been loved over the ages. Many have stood the test of time and remain in production even after several decades. Some others have been discontinued for various reasons. However, that doesn't mean they didn't have their own legions of fans.

The Wonder Ball was Nestlé's version of a Kinder Egg, a chocolate ball with a plastic toy inside it. It was discontinued due to it being a choking hazard, although many fans wish it would make a comeback. Hershey's S'mores were another treat craved especially by those looking for a snack close to the actual campfire dessert. The candy bar was discontinued because of low sales. Fans have been campaigning for its return, even creating a Facebook page for this petition.

Imagine yourself in a retro candy shop in this quiz. You get to pick out different types of candy that intrigue you. What would you pick? Your choices will help us guess your birthday!

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