šŸ‘µ If You Have 12/23 of These Things at Home, Then You’re Definitely a Grandma

Do you live like a granny?

If You Have 12 of Things at Home, Then You're Definitelā€¦ Quiz

Do you sometimes find yourself doing certain "old person" things? Whether you are young, young at heart, and/or in fact above the age of 65, there may be a number of things you own or do that are stereotypically seen as being done by the elderly.

Is classical music your preferred genre? Do you covet comfortable shoes, both at home and outdoor? Does reading a good book in bed (or a cosy chair) with herbal tea and biscuits sound like an ideal night in for you? Do you tend to rant about how the state of the English language is declining thanks to today's "trendy" youth? Do you enjoy taking baths more than showers, and own a private collection of salts, bombs and candles? Does the purchase of a new household appliance strike you as exciting? If you are a woman, do you wear pearls and flower-scented lotions?

If you answer yes to any, or all, of the above, you may be an old person (or old person in a young person's body). Let's take a quick look at your house now and see if you own a majority of the following old-people things.

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  30. How Obsessed With Food Are You?

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