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You’re Officially a Grown-Up If You Can Do 12/23 of These Things

Your passport might say you're 18, but are you truly a grown-up?
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Adulthood! Whether or not you're officially there or still dipping your toes in, there are certain competencies that all of usโ€”no matter our marital, professional or homeownership statusโ€”should strive to master. These may range from quintessential skills like cooking a meal and basic household chores, to financial and emergency related skills.

No one gets handed a manual upon turning 18, complete with all the life skills they'll need to pick up. Fortunately, none of these things is all that hard to do.

In this quiz you will find many of the skills you need to be self reliant in adulthood. If you're going to be "adulting," you'll need to have acquired this set of essential life skills. How many of these things do you actually know? If you can do the majority of them, you're officially a full-fledged grown-up. Let's see if you can be considered a real adultโ€”or notโ€”once and for all.

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You're a Grown-Up If You Can Do 12 of These Things Quiz Questions

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