❤ Can We Correctly Guess Your Relationship Status?

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❤ Can We Correctly Guess Your Relationship Status?
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Many people spend their entire lives looking for The One. Being in a relationship may seem like it's a bed of roses, but it's a lot of hard work too. There may be confusing elements to making a relationship work, so let us help you get closer to figuring everything out, regardless of your relationship status right now.

Although it may sound obvious, listening to your partner and interacting accordingly will lead to better communication. When spending time together it's important that you give him or her your undivided attention, so put away the phone! But constant communication and meet-ups may be overkill. Giving each other space will allow you the chance to miss your partner and remind yourself what you love about them. When you do hang out, try doing something meaningful, like volunteering or taking a class together, so that you have a shared experience.

In this quiz, tell us about your romantic life and preferences. Your experience will help us guess your current relationship status accurately!

❤ Can We Correctly Guess Your Relationship Status? Quiz Questions