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Can We Guess Your Age Based on This “Five Senses” Test?

Do you prefer the smell of rain or the smell of bacon?
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You may think the five senses of the human body are pretty straightforward. We depend on our senses of taste, sight, smell, touch, and sound to interact with everything around us. However, there are still some things you may not have known about them!

Did you know that we actually see all things upside down? The images formed on your retina are upside down and our brain is what turns them right-side up. Our tongue can only taste salty, sweet, sour and bitter flavors. Yet how do different desserts taste different? That's because they are varying combinations of the four main flavors. Our sense of smell is also rather complex, capable of identifying seven types of sensations: camphor, musk, flower, mint, ether, acrid, or putrid.

Tantalize your senses in this quiz by choosing from different things that you find most satisfying. Based on what you pick, we are pretty sure we can guess your age correctly!

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Can We Guess Your Age by This 5 Senses Test? Quiz Questions

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