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Can We Guess Your Age Based on the Decisions You Make on a Typical Day?

Decisions, decisions.

It actually is quite fascinating how different people from various generations can be from one another. We are in a very unique period where people above a certain age in society grew up without much Internet and no social media while younger generations have no idea what that mustโ€™ve been like. The end result is that a large percentage of people on the planet are completely unable to relate with another large percentage of people on the planet. Fun!

We can actually determine what your age is based on the decisions that you make in a typical day. This is actually getting easier to do as there are large differences in how people from one generation will approach things in comparison to how people from another generation do the same. Decisions that you make throughout the day drop little clues and hints about what age range you are in.

If you would like us to guess your age based on the decisions you make in a typical day then go ahead and take this quiz.


โš ๏ธ May contain spoilers
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Can I Guess Age by Decisions You Make on Typical Day? Quiz Questions

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