Pick Some of Your Favorite Things and We’ll Reveal Your Zodiac Sign

It's amazing what your favorite things can reveal.

Did you know that your birth date can determine the things you like? People are grouped under zodiac signs according to their birthdays and many sharing the same sign also share similar tastes.

Aries are a creative bunch who tend to be full of energy. They prefer doing outdoor activities as well as things that appeal to their artistic side. Leos also enjoy doing such activities, along with creating and appreciating any sort of art. Scorpios tend to be fond of spiritual activities such as meditation and philosophy and many practice their religion faithfully. As for late November and early December babies under the Sagittarius sign, they are open to new experiences and don't shy away from learning new things. This is why some may like to travel and blog about their adventures.

Choose some of your favorites out of the following categories. Based on your preferences of a wide range of things, we can tell you what your true zodiac sign is!

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