😨 Can We Guess Your Age by What You’re Afraid Of?

It's scary how accurately we can guess your age.

Everyone has something that he or she fears. It may be a phobia that is simply irrational or arose due to prior unpleasant experiences. However unique one's fears may be, there are a few things that people typically are scared of.

One of the biggest phobias is arachnophobia. In Western culture, the fear of spiders is the most common and the oldest one in existence. This fear is apparently triggered as a response to how disgusted people feel when they see a spider. Women are four times more affected by this phobia than men.

Another common phobia is acrophobia - the fear of heights. Many people get overwhelmingly anxious when they are at extreme heights. They generally avoid tall buildings, roller coasters and some even stay away from balconies.

Prepare yourself to go through some fear triggering images in this quiz! Stay strong and pick out the things that scare you the most. Your fears say a lot about you, and it's scary how accurately we can guess your age.

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