Which Classic Movie Monster Are You?

What kind of nightmare character are you?

Which Classic Movie Monster Are You?
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Throughout the history of horror movies, we have seen all kinds of villains and scary monsters terrify and delight fans. Monster movies go back to the dawn of horror film, with classic monsters like Frankenstein, Dracula, and King Kong showcasing the special effects wizardry of the time to deliver thrills and chills to movie-goers.

Everybody has anΒ iconic movie monster that they share a personality with, even if some of us would rather that not be the case. Going back to the classic days of horror movies, you might have a personality similar to a famous vampire, a mad scientist, or perhaps the ghastly creation of said mad scientist. One way or the other, there is a monster from Hollywood's golden age that fits your personality to a tee.

To find out what classic monster character you share a personality with, take this quiz, and we will let you know which big, bad creature you are.

Which Classic Movie Monster Are You? Quiz Questions