I Bet We Can Correctly Guess Your Birth Order With This Quiz

If not, you should double-check those birth certificates.

No matter how much they deny it, some parents do treat their kids differently based on the order they were born. You've probably experienced this yourself, or maybe you are one of such parents. But did you know that your birth order also has an impact on your personal parenting style?

Parents who are the first-born among their own siblings tend to be great at establishing and enforcing rules for their children. Middle-born siblings develop into fair parents that settle issues according to what's right and tend to treat every child equally as much as possible. The youngest child grows up to become a playful parent. These parents have a tendency to look back at their own childhood memories and draw experiences from then when it comes to parenting their own kids.

Next, we will attempt to guess your birth order in this quiz. Answer the following questions honestly and we'll guess which child you were born - oldest, middle, youngest, or only child!

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I Bet I Can Correctly Guess Birth Order With This Quiz Questions

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