🍰 Do You Actually Prefer Cake or Pie? 🥧

Let's fight over which is better.

🍰 Do You Actually Prefer Cake or Pie? 🥧
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People tend to be very passionate when it comes to talking about their favorite food. This passion escalates when the debate pitting cakes against pies arises. Food lovers usually have a distinct preference between the two delicious desserts and have strong reasons for it.

Some may argue that pies can be eaten at any time of the day, whereas cake seems most appropriate as a dessert after dinner. However, the cake's established importance as the centerpiece for celebrations proves how special the food is. Cake lovers like to point out the aesthetic value of their favorite food, compared to the generally monotonous look of the rival food. A cake's exterior can be customized according to how simple or extravagant you want it, while a pie's fillings can be customized according to whether you're having a sweet or savory craving. Either way, this debate is a never-ending one.

In this quiz, we're going to put an end to your internal debate. We'll help you discover which item you actually prefer - cake or pie!

🍰 Do You Actually Prefer Cake or Pie? 🥧 Quiz Questions