If You’ve Done 10/19 of These Things, You’re 100% A Tall Girl

"What's the weather like up there?"

If you're a lofty individual, people may envy you and think you are lucky to be blessed with height. But, what others may not know is that with height comes its own set of unique problems.

People tend to marvel at your height, but it gets annoying when they point out the obvious, ask how tall you are, or whether you play sports. When taking a group photo, have you had to bend down to blend in with your shorter friends? Sure explains why you have such bad posture. Having to awkwardly fit into seats that are obviously made for shorter people doesn't help either.

In this quiz, you get to find out for sure if you can be considered a tall girl. If you had the majority of these experiences, you are definitely a tall girl! If you think you're short then you might want to look out for the "short girl" version of this quiz!

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