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There Is No Way Someone Younger Than 23 Has Done 50% Of These Things

Those were the days.
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Every generation has a different upbringing and perspective than the one that came before it. Noticing this can be one of the great joys of getting older. Getting to see all new generations of people develop their ideas, beliefs and values is pretty interesting. It can be even more interesting to compare them to other generations and see what is different. People aged under 23 today have grown up in a world that is almost completely unrecognizable from the world older people grew up in.

If someone is under the age of 23, it means he or she has grown up with far more technology than any other generation. The internet, social media, smartphones, and streaming services may be all they have ever known. They missed a world that would seem like the dark ages to them. Take this quiz and see if you have done some of these things. If youโ€™ve done half of them, then we are quite confident in saying you are older than 23.

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There Is No Way Someone Younger Than 23 Has Done 50% Ofโ€ฆ Quiz Questions

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