If You’ve Done 9/17 of These Things, You’re Probably a Short Girl

Are you really short or is it all in the head?

If you're a short person, you may experience certain things that your taller counterparts never get to experience. Perhaps you get carded at bars as you are automatically assumed to be younger than your real age. Or worse still, some people underestimate you by assuming you are less capable than you actually are. What else is annoying to you?

You've become numb to the word "cute" after hearing it so much. In fact, you've actually come to hate it. To reach high places, you practically have to levitate or swallow your pride to ask for help from someone taller than you. You hate going to movies or live shows because someone is always going to block your view. Why pay to be frustrated?

In this quiz, let's find out if you are *truly* a short girl. If you have done more than half of the following things, you're probably shorter than the average girl. If you think you're a tall person, then you should take the tall girl-version of this quiz!

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