No American Has Got a Perfect Score on This Quiz Without Cheating

Non-Americans may feel free to attempt this anyway.

No American Has Got Perfect Score on This Quiz Without Cheating

Americans, this is a quiz for you! You may pride yourself in knowing everything about your beloved country, but do you really? Here are some myths that are widely believed to be true but are factually wrong.

Christopher Columbus has been widely credited as the person who discovered the American continent. However, he couldn't have been the first since Native Americans were already living there in 1492! Whether it is through movies or books, we remember hearing about witches getting burned long time ago. This was the case in France, but in America, they were actually hanged, following the English way. Slavery in the United States is thought to have been confined to the southern regions only. However, slavery existed in every colony. In fact, Massachusetts in the north was the first to legalize slavery.

In this quiz, we will quiz you on everything America-related - politics, events, geography, and more! Do you think you've got a good grasp on these topics? So did everyone who's done this quiz, but no one came out with a perfect score yet (unless they cheated). Will you be the first?

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No American Has Got Perfect Score on This Quiz Without Cheating Questions