Can You Beat the Average Person at Busting These Common Myths?

Some of these are actual facts, some are not. Can you tell them apart?

Whether we are aware of it or not, our thoughts and actions are influenced by our knowledge of certain myths. Some myths are so widespread that we follow their rules even though they have already been debunked.

Have you heard the rule that you should wait a full day before making a missing person report to the police? Well, it's not actually necessary to wait 24 hours. For the best chances at finding the person, you should file a report as soon as you confirm they are unreachable. Another popular theory that our parents used to tell us (and we now tell our kids) is that having a sugar rush makes a person excitable. The truth is that there is no scientific proof to show that consuming sugar contributes to hyperactivity. Guess it's just an old parenting method!

Test yourself on your knowledge of common myths and see if you can set them straight in this fun myth-busting quiz!

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Can You Beat the Average Person at Busting Common Myths? Quiz Questions

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