Do You Actually Prefer Creamy or Spicy Food?

Both are great, but you can only pick one.

When hunger strikes, do you find yourself craving something creamy, or do you reach for something spicy?

Fire eaters get a kick out of the hot chili burn and the explosion of flavor from spicy foods. Creamy food enthusiasts love creamy, cheesy foods for their rich, gooey consistency.

Take pasta for example. What would you choose between creamy alfredo and spicy arrabiata sauce? You might have a clear favorite between the two, or sit on the fence when it comes to certain foods. But with chowders like spicy seafood or corn, you can have the best of both worlds!

In this quiz, we can figure out which you prefer more. For this, we need you to pick just one food that you like a little more, or dislike a little less! If you ever felt that you're somewhere in between, this quiz will tell you for sure if you are a creamy or spicy food lover.

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Do You Actually Prefer Creamy or Spicy Food? Quiz Questions

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