๐Ÿ‘–Choose Which Retro Fashion Fads ๐Ÿ‘— to Revive and We’ll Reveal Your Age Group

Some of these deserve a comeback!
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Fashion is cyclical. What was once trendy and cool several decades ago may become in vogue once again. Younger generations love sifting through fashion fads that existed before they were born and bringing back the things they like. Sometimes what they choose to bring back into the mainstream can be quite surprising. This quiz will give you the opportunity to be the decider of which fashion trends to revive. Based on the choices you make, we will be able to tell you what age group you belong to.

Simply choosing to resurrect older trends does not necessarily mean you are from an older generation, however. In fact, just the opposite can be true as well. Even if you were not alive during the '70s, '80s, or even the '90s, doesnโ€™t mean that there werenโ€™t fashion items back then that you would like to see make a comeback. Go ahead and take this quiz, decide which fashion styles to revive, and we will know what age group you are likely to fall under.

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