Most People Can’t Actually Survive on Minimum Wage — This Test Will Reveal If You Can

Do you need to change your lifestyle?

Many people actually have trouble living on minimum wage. That’s why they call it “minimum” wage and not a “liveable” wage; you can’t actually live on it. Minimum wage jobs might have some value if you have reduced expenses, perhaps due to living with parents or other relatives, but in terms of actually allowing you to have a life, they don’t really cut it in the real world.

There are some people in some situations who could actually survive based on the limited money a minimum wage provides. This requires not paying more than you have to for absolutely anything, working longer hours, and cutting costs wherever possible. Single people with no dependents may be able to get by on minimum wage, but single parents would have it tougher.

Perhaps you are someone who actually could survive on minimum wage, we doubt it, but it is possible. If you would like to know for sure then go ahead and take this quiz and answer the questions as honestly as you can. Based on your lifestyle, we'll be able to tell if minimum wage is in fact good enough for you.

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