☀️ Can We Guess Your Age Based on Your Summer Experiences?

Can we get sun-what close to your real age?

Every time summer rolls around, it brings along a sense of happiness with it. People look forward to taking some time off to relax at the beach in the heat, which is a welcomed change from the cold, dreary days for most of the year. What else do you look forward to in this sunny season?

Summer makes for the perfect weather to go on an ice cream date with a loved one. Summertime also gives you perfect sun-kissed skin, making you glow naturally. You can also enjoy the freedom your feet get in this season, where it is appropriate to walk around barefooted or in cute flip-flops. If you can set up a cookout, you get to enjoy food straight off the grill. Who doesn't love barbecued food, right?

In this quiz, let us know if you've experienced the following situations that are somewhat exclusive to the season of hot weather. Based on your experiences, we can guess your age accurately!

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