☀ Pick an Outfit for Summer and We’ll Reveal the Color of Your Aura

What color are you?

As summer approaches and the weather gets warmer, you know what that means girls, it's time for a wardrobe change! Don't sweat over it though. If you need a cute and awesome summer closet, the following suggestions may be of use.

Replace thicker clothing items from winter and spring with more breathable items for the hot summer weather. This includes tank tops, shorts, playsuits and summer dresses. Swimsuits are important if you intend to lounge at the poolside or the beach all summer long! There are some essential items you should have with you to cope with the season too. Sunglasses are always useful to have around for both style and function. Make sure you've got sunscreen on and a bottle with you to touch up at all times. Flip flops are necessary too if you want your feet to be cool.

If you're getting excited just by all this talk about summer, then you should be intrigued by this quiz! Pick a perfect summer outfit in this quiz, and we'll reveal the color of your aura!

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