I Bet You Can’t Spend a Day as a ๐Ÿ•๏ธ Camp Counselor Without Getting Fired

Can you make it past one day?

Being a camp counselor is a fun, rewarding job. It can also be incredibly challenging. Not only do camp counselors engage children in activities and games and teach them new skills involving swimming, fishing, hiking and camping, they also must know some first aid and CPR to be prepared for any potential injuries the campers may experience. The amount of responsibility that camp counselors have in relation to the amount of money that they are paid is rather concerning when you look at it from a certain perspective. Camp counselors literally have lives that they are responsible for and hardly any of them crack over minimum wage.

It's possible that you would make an excellent camp counselor. If that's the case, then many campers will have their lives or at least their summers greatly improved by having you in their lives. To find out just how well you would do as a camp counselor for a summer, take this quiz and we will let you know just how you would fare in this role.

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I Bet You Can't Spend Day as ๏ธ Camp Counselor Without Gโ€ฆ Quiz Questions

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