Do You Know a Little Bit About Everything?

Do you know enough to pass this quiz?

No matter how smart you may think you are, there are some areas where you just aren't that knowledgeable in. Doing general knowledge quizzes is an accurate way of assessing which your best and worst topics are. Are you confident enough to answer the ones tested in this quiz?

We will question you about adorable animals, including marsupials and bears. You should also be aware of sports, as we ask you about popular sporting events and rankings. Your geographical knowledge will be heavily tested. We have questions about cities, capitals, hemispheres, and landmarks. We will also ask you about popular crops and official languages spoken in different regions. History questions are abundant too, especially those about important people and dates we should remember!

If you are confident in your knowledge on these topics, go on and answer as many questions as you can correctly. Passing this quiz will prove that you actually know a little bit about everything!

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Do You Know a Little Bit About Everything? Quiz Questions

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