Pick Your Least Favorite Foods and We’ll Reveal If You Eat Like a Child or an Adult

Let's see how mature your tastebuds are.

It's no secret that many children are picky eaters. They prefer sweet treats, fast food meals, and various deep-fried foods. Parents wish their kids wouldn't eat so many sweets or French fries. Kids don't get why their parents like veggies like broccoli and Brussels sprouts. Nothing defines the generation gap quite like the eating habits of children and adults.

Sometimes kids reject certain foods because they are new to them, but eventually develop a liking for such foods with repeated exposure. Most children tend to outgrow their fussy eating habits as they mature. There are many adults, however, that never really outgrow their childhood diets.

This quiz will attempt to figure out if you have the eating preferences of a child and adult. Simply pick your least favorite foods from some common food categories, and we'll reveal if you eat like a kid or a more mature person.

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