Sorry, But You’re a Picky Eater If You’ve Eaten 17/22 of These Foods

How many of these picky staples have you had?

It's common for children to be fussy eaters. Teenagers tend to outgrow their picky eating habits as food becomes more of a social activity when eating out with friends. Still, that's not to say there are no adult picky eaters. Picky eating can stretch past teenage years and even into adulthood. While most people have a few different foods they avoid, picky eaters only eat a tiny range of foods.

Even amongst picky eaters, there is a wide spectrum of diets. Some people only eat a specific color of foods such as red and orange, while others cut out entire food groups including carbohydrates and fats. Then there are those who refuse to eat foods that are touching other things on the plate. But in general, people who have fussy eating habits simply avoid certain foods due to their tastes, smells, or textures.

You may or may not realize it, but you may be a so-called picky eater. Take this quiz, and choose the foods that you have eaten. You may be surprised at the result, as it will reveal how fussy you are about food generally.

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You're a Picky Eater If You've Eaten 17 of These Foods Quiz Questions

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