Here Are 21 Tiny Emoji Flags β€” I’ll Be Impressed If You Can Identify 14 of Them

Get ready to squint.

Emoji Flags Quiz - Can You Identify 14 Of The Countries?

Did you know that there are more than 3,000 emojis in total? Emoji which literally means "picture-character" in Japanese, only by coincidence sounds like the abbreviation of emotion. These tiny, little pictograms are more than a series of smileys and symbols used by teenagers on social networks. They offer an entirely new, more visual way to express complex concepts, brighten dull strings of text, and are now a quintessential part of mainstream communications.

Apple's iPhone only included 10 country flag emojis in 2008, and now there are at least 268 emoji flags of countries and territories, along with some fun ones thrown in like a checkered flag and a pirate flag.

In this quiz, we call for flag enthusiasts and globally minded texters to match the country to its tiny emoji flag. Sure, you may recognize the flags of countries like Canada and Italy easily, but what about Kenya and the Maldives? Prepare to squint as you go through this quiz, and learn a thing or two about the flags of the world.


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Emoji Flags Quiz - Can You Identify 14 Of The Countries? Questions