🚀 How Long Would You Survive on Mars?

Are you clever enough to survive on Mars?

🚀 How Long Would You Survive on Mars?
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You probably won't end up having to fend for yourself on the planet of Mars at any point throughout your life. We can't totally rule out that possibility, however. Efforts are underway to make Mars our backup planet just in case Earth becomes so uninhabitable and overcrowded that the human race has to colonize a whole new world. Perhaps you'll be part of the first ever Martian colony and will need to test your basic survival skills beforehand.

Only the most intelligent and possibly superhuman have what it takes to thrive on the red planet. Just because Matt Damon did it in The Martian doesn't mean you can too. One day we might all have to live on Mars, so perhaps it is a good idea to figure out how to do it now.

If you think you have what it takes to survive on Mars then you'll want to test yourself with this quiz. Answer these questions, and we will let you know how long you would last on Mars.

🚀 How Long Would You Survive on Mars? Quiz Questions