🐳 Can You Survive If You Are Lost at Sea for a Month?

It's never too late to learn some survival skills.

Have you ever had the nightmare of being stranded in the ocean, bobbing along wherever the currents take you? Well, we hope that it remains just a dream and never becomes a reality. That would be a very difficult and scary situation. However, if you follow this quick guide, your chances of surviving this ordeal will be much higher.

If you're ever lost at sea, the first thing you should do is find drinkable water. Next, orient yourself with the stars or anything that could act as checkpoints. You should also gather a food supply by catching fish. While doing this, remember to avoid any shark attacks. Finally, always be on the lookout for anyone or anything that could help you out. Make sure to take sufficient breaks too!

Do you think you can survive if you ever get lost at sea? Take this quick quiz and find out if you've got the knowledge and skills needed to increase your chances of making it out alive!

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