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Finish These Lyrics and We’ll Guess Your Exact Age

If we come within two years of your actual age, then we're basically correct. Got it?

Music cuts across eras, spans multiple genres and has numerous creators, performers and fans. With so many musical creations from past to present, it has become more difficult for modern creators to come up with something truly unique that's never been done before. When it comes to the greatest songs, one thing they always have in common is great lyrics. Let's dip into the lyric book to rifle through some of the most commonly used words that appear in songs.

If you took the time to scan through one million song lyrics, you would find that words like feel, love, life, take, and time are used with high frequency. Cher's "Believe" and mega-boyband One Direction's "Story of My Life" utilize all of these words. Artists such as Ed Sheeran, Westlife, Stevie Wonder, and Green Day have also released songs containing all of these words.

All of us interpret the same song in different ways. Take this fun quiz where you get to finish the lyrics however you want! The words you choose to complete each line will give away your actual age.


โš ๏ธ May contain spoilers
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